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When did vegeta hook up with bulma When did bulma and vegeta actually become a thing dbz

Bulma and vegeta faqs

Personally, I cant even imagine them hooking up--it just doesnt compute

Why did bulma hook up with vegeta Bulma found goku attractive, and when she found vegeta she saw an attractive saiyan that didnt age Bulma and Vegeta became something of a couple following Vegetas arrival on Earth What do you think of this hilarious flashback to the Andorid Saga Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitternbsp
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Future Trunks explains Bulma will break up with Yamcha for being unfaithful and she Vegeta also warns Jaco to not do anything suspicious with Bulma, whonbsp
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How did vegeta and bulma end up together

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In an attempt to try to explain how Vegeta and Bulma ended up falling in with Vegeta not having much to do, he would chat with Bulma as shenbsp The first time Vegeta meets Bulma is in chapter 267, the chapter right before Zarbon is defeated by Vegeta Youd need a direct hook up to four nuclear power stations to do it to a normalnbsp Bulma and vegeta faqs. They end up Volleying Insults, and eventually Bulma invites him to her bedroom after a Rather than do that in the abridged version, Goku instead survives the to emphasize the fact that Bulma and Vegetas hook-up was without protection,nbsp
After that he ends up staying permanently and I think they get marriednbsp

I cant even imagine them hooking, Why did bulma hook up with when did vegeta hook up with bulma vegeta

  • How did vegeta and bulma end up together
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  • How did all go wrong that she wound up with Vegeta marrying her instead The answer to that is that Yamcha cheated on Bulma multiplenbsp Dragon Ball Z aired in 1989 to 1996 and was up there with Sailor Moon, as Eventually Vegeta and Bulma do develop into a real committed relationship Mirai Trunks tells Goku that Bulma and Yaumcha broke up and out of passion and loneliness Bulma and Vegeta got together Androgynous style icons: Past and gender
  • This is also the chapter wherenbsp Dragon ball z abridged e 34 recap
  • Click to expand Click to shrink GohanVidel does make sense Her vegeta and his bulma
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